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trine. by Ibadete Ferko.
A year ago, sitting at my desk I wrote down the name ‘trine’ passing time thinking of something I wasn't sure of yet. A trine in astrology is considered the best and most auspicious aspect of them all, bringing luck, harmony, synchronicity, and potential for positive change.

I have always found inspiration in all kinds of women. The ones that you pass in the streets, the ones written in books, the ones you see on walls of museums. Wanting to be a piece of them, it ultimately became a journey of self discovery that led to a career in the fashion industry. Paving a way to the point of this project.
trine is a creative space to inspire the modern woman, where authenticity to oneself is owed in this life.

In a complex and saturated world it’s becoming difficult to find your own style, while also upholding values
as the person you envision yourself. The use of simplistic and organic methods in mind to source individual pieces for you, as well as discovering brands to create a lifelong affinity with.

I hope to be able to help you find that voice with trine.